Stanbic Bank introduces Flexipay, an online fees payment

“Digital payments is the way to go. Our clients can now transfer money from their bank account (Stanbic Bank) to their mobile money accounts. We have integrated our system to facilitate fees payments by MTN mobile money.” Noted Milly Kyolaba.

“It’s easy, fast, secure, affordable and can be done anywhere anytime.” Added Milly.

A parent has to follow simple steps. Dial *290*1# to access the Stanbic School fees menu, select continue. The parent should know the school code. After entering the school code, the school name will be displayed.

The parent is now required to enter the student number. Upon entering the student’s number, their name will be displayed on the phone screen.

You now enter the school fees amount you wish to pay to the school. Before making the payment, a confirmation message will be displayed. You will be required to cross check the details of payment; school name, student name, school fees amount, charges. Upon the parent’s confirmation, continue to authorize transaction

You now dial *165# and select my approvals, enter your mobile money PIN and approve payment. After the payment, you receive a message with all your payment details.

Pay from any Stanbic Branch countrywide

• Go to the counter

• Quote your school code

• Quote your student number

• Pay cash to the bank teller

• You will receive a payment receipt confirming your school fees (school name, student name, school fees amount, charges)*290*1#

For more information please call our toll free lines:

0800 250 250 / 0800 150 150

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