Life’s Lessons episode 3

Briefly, who is Gilbert Gaya? How did you start and where?

I am a 50 years old Kenyan. I started the IT business about 15 years ago. My first job was at Lapcell Technologies. I did a Diploma in Computer Science from Kenya Polytechnic. At that time, admission into the university was only for the privileged children. Given that I was coming from a not so wealth off family, I had to attend a technical institution.

Much as I wanted to attend University education, there were many of my brothers and sisters who also wanted to attend education. So, you had to sacrifice. The parents pushed us to certain levels after which they looked after the younger ones. Looking back, the Diploma training gave me a firm background of hands on experience than some of the people i interact with in the field.

In your profession as an IT, how much of your success can be attributed to good parenting versus luck?

Good parenting is almost 90 per cent of my success. I come from a family of 10 children. The parents always pushed us to do the right things. We were raised in a God fearing family.

I can’t say that I was lucky because it was through hard work. When I did my Microsoft IT certification, I got a job immediately. Basically, it wasn’t of luck but rather hard work.

What top skill would you say one must master to succeed professionally?

For a country like Kenya, it depends. If you want to follow the normal though long, it requires hard work and commitment. You will definitely reach where you want to go. However, some people want to achieve success through short cuts which is not sustainable.

Hard work is key to achieving success. This comes along with behaviours such as coming early to work, keeping time for appointment as well as accomplishing tasks in the stipulated timeframe.

What is your top two regret in life? Why?

I started a business at the same time I was employed. The employee decided to transfer me from Head office to another branch when the business was booming. I did not resign. It was a point where I was supposed to make a decision. I did not. I made a wrong move of sticking to the job. Accepting to be transferred. If I had resigned at that point, I would be very far now.

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