Learning new things now more affordable with MTN Internet

The Huawei E303 dongle now goes for Ugx 55,000. The Huawei E3251 dongle is sold at Ugx 99,000, down from Ugx 139,000.The products are available at all MTN service centres and dealer shops across the country.During May 2014, MTN launched the “Join the fastest internet in the New World”, a new thematic internet campaign highlighting how you can use the internet strategically for your personal and business success.According to MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ernst Fonternel, the campaign showcases the real beauty and benefits of the internet when you join Uganda’s fastest network. MTN Uganda boasts of the latest and most innovative mobile internet and digital value offerings with the widest coverage and fastest speeds across the country.“Oh, the things you’ll learn” is positioned in their new advertising to showcase how important the internet is for self-education, discovering and learning new things.Last year, MTN, Uganda’s number one telecom company, became the first operator to launch the LTE service. The launch of LTE represented a major jump in mobile connectivity capabilities with very fast internet connection speeds in ranges of 100Mbps. MTN is further covering the country with speeds up to 42Mbps and ensuring great quality internet and speeds for the broader Uganda population.In 2013, the company more than doubled its internet utilization, driven by innovative solutions enabling the over 2.6 million data customers gain access to 15MB free internet each month and free unlimited Facebook use through 0.Facebook.com and the number of users is projected to exponentially grow by end of 2014.With deliberate effort, MTN Uganda is indeed a telecom provider that offers internet geographical redundancy by providing three internet uplinks that guarantee business continuity for its customers. This means that whenever there is a local fibre cut within Uganda or a fibre cut in Kenya or Rwanda, or an undersea cable cut, MTN can use an alternative route to continue providing its customers with world-class internet.

The launch of internet technologies through the 3G 42Mbps, 4G LTE and WiFi hotspots saw the company’s total data subscribers growing by 124%, up to 2.4 million.

Additionally, in 2013, the company injected more than Ugx 140 billion in upgrading the network infrastructure and adding another 400km of national fibre. By December 2013, MTN Uganda’s total fibre infrastructure exceeded 3,200km.

So, what are you still waiting for to buy an MTN internet modem? The prices have been reduced to make internet available for all as detailed below:

Huawei E3276 LTE dongle that was being sold at Ugx 269,000 now goes for Ugx 175,000 while Huawei E3131 dongle now goes for Ugx 69,000.  The dongles comes with 1GB free internet bundle for three months, EDGE and 3G support, internet speed of between 7.2Mbps and 122Mbps depending on the type you buy.

The router prices have also been reduced. You can now get a Huawei E5832 at Ugx 99,000 while the Huawei E5375 LTE is sold at Ugx 399,000, down from Ugx 403,000. The routers come with free SIM and airtime, 10GB free internet bundles for three months, internet speeds of up to 112Mbps and support up to 10 wireless connections on EDGE, 3G and 4GLTE.

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