East Africa’s Tea Exports Surge

The East African Tea Export Auction report shows an 8.2 percent increase in regional tea exports at the Mombasa Auction from all the five East African States. About 7.4 million kilogramme bags were sold from the previous 6.4 million bags around the same time in 2017. However, other countries Like Ethiopia and Mozambique among the 10 listed in the auction did not register any trade.

The growth in numbers was attributed to rise in demand for the crop. In addition, there has been a significant rise in the production of tea in the respective countries. Kenya was the region’s largest exporter, exporting 5.7 million kilo bags from the 5.4 million it traded in 2017. Uganda came in second with 839,824 kilogramme bags up from the 747,003 bags sold in 2017.

Nevertheless, this increment in supply does not reflect on price. The prices increased to Ugx. 5,808 per kilo from Ugx. 4,700 per kilo year on year.

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