‘DStv Explora brings more content, fun’

You have recently launched the DStv Explora. How different is it from the HD PVR decoders you had on the market?The Explora boasts more Video-on-De­mand content with the ability to record up to 220 hours of personally recorded content, and much more Catch Up including movies and series stacking. With Explora, you can pause live TV for up to two hours and even replay by jumping back 10 seconds each time you press the REPLAY button.

It has better Content Discovery with search results across an eight-day TV guide, playlist. With the Explora, you can enter the full or partial title and it will find it for you. It’s that easy!

DStv Explora is packaged with a brand new, stylish HD User Interface, which makes finding favourite shows or movies on Catch Up so much easier. Content is displayed using HD poster-art for fun, interactive usability. With the Explora, various members of the family can personalise their viewing not only by recording and scheduling their preferred programming but also by choosing colour and style themes. The Explora’s remote control further enhances your experience with dedicated shortcut buttons to DStv Central, Catch Up, Playlist, Search, Live TV and other viewing options.

What is the cost of the DStv Explora?

The market price is Ugx 958,000 for a decoder only and Ugx 1,160,000 for the full kit and is currently on sale at all MultiChoice branches, retailers and outlets.

Do customers need specific software for the DStv Explora software to work after installation?

Once the DStv Explora is properly in­stalled, new software needs to be down­loaded. An installation wizard will guide you through this process. This process should not be interrupted until complete (The decoder displays video).

If DStv Compact or Compact Plus customers purchase the DStv Explo­ra, can they still make use of the PVR functionality or it’s more applicable to premium customers?

Yes. Use of the PVR functionality (recording, trick modes, playback of recordings, access to the buffer) and/or Xtra View carries an additional monthly fee of $10. However, compact customers do not have access to DStv Catch Up services (This is a service exclusive to premium customers).

What more can I expect on the DStv Catch Up offering on the DStv Explora? How is it different from the previous offering?

It has an increased library of DStv Catch Up titles: more series, movies, documentaries, kids programming, specialist events and sporting highlights than previous PVR decoders. Previously, DStv Catch Up only offered Series and Sport. The DStv Explora gets an expanded offering of movies, series, sport, documentaries and other entertainment content. Series also offers the current and previous episode, known as series stacking.

Does the Explora have more HD channels?

There are six HD ready channels which customers can enjoy on the Explora, including Mnet HD, Discovery HD, Discovery HD Showcase, SuperSport 1, 2, 3 HD.

Can customers swap out their current HD PVR decoders?

No, MultiChoice doesn’t have an ar­rangement of that nature. Though we can recommend customers explore our extra view services where customers can enjoy two viewing environments in their homes or offices. So, they could opt to use their old decoder as their second decoder and the Explora as their primary decoder and pay for one subscription with an addition­al $10 extra fee for the extra view services.

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