Automation and impact on jobs

The issue
Does industrialization promote economic development? Much as manufacturing still matters, the jobs are changing. At the same time, manufacturing is going digital. This doesn’t just change business, but also the job space. Some large manufacturing companies are already laying off employees in the quest automate most of the operations so as to remain competitive.

Manufacturing companies are becoming more efficient. The rise of Artificial Intelligence and robots in manufacturing plants is rapidly changing the job space in the sector. You can’t some of the modern stuff using old technology. The birth of 3D printers and engineering software has seen formerly industrialized countries like USA shift operations to countries like China. According to research by a one UK University, showed that Nissan’s British factory in Sunderland, opened in 1986, is now one of the most productive in Europe. The car plant built 271.157 cars in 1999 with 4,594 people. In 2011, it made 480,485 vehicles—more than any other car factory in Britain, ever—with just 5,462 people. The days of factories full of labor are slowing disappearing.

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